Lepore’s Italian Market, formally known as “A Taste of Italy,” used to be located in Ridgewood, NJ. It was tradition for students to walk down and pick up their lunches from there. A little on the expensive side for a daily bite, but perfect for a special once-a-week occasion.

Everyone in town knew about “The Italian Deli”, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hadn’t eaten something from there. Even with a multitude of other places to grab sandwiches from, Lepore’s was almost always the number one choice. Italian friends of mine, whose grandmother’s sauce “was the best one in the world because the recipe came from Italy” couldn’t nay-say Lepore’s.

It was a sad day when they left Ridgewood, and I still remember the reaction you would get when people got the news, not the feeling of having lost a friend… but definitely something would be missing. Fortunately they have re-located, cleaned up their appearance, and still have the same amazing food.

I have to say; as a bit of a caveat, that I have really only ordered sandwiches from Lepore’s recently so any other food I mention is from the previous incarnation. That being said, the sandwiches are phenomenal. Tons of fresh cold-cuts, fresh bread, everything you’d expect from a New York style deli. My family always jokes that the sandwiches each have more meat on them than what we buy at the supermarket for a week.

A classic sandwich from Lepore’s is the Fieldworker. A pepper and potato omelet with Taylor ham on a long roll (hoagie bun?). Fantastic. That was a staple back in high-school, and my friends still try to go once every-other-week to get our fix.

Lepore’s offers a great catering menu. A decent selection of foods, and always delicious. For a long time my family would order their Penne a’la Vodka even for smaller family dinners.

Don’t need the catering but still want the taste? Pick up some of their pre-packaged, home-made sauces and soups.

I always considered Lepore’s to be THE ITALIAN DELI, as did most of the people in my town. More than 10 years later and we are once again loyal customers of Lepore’s (THE) Italian Market.

Eduardo C. in Ridgewood, NJ